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a blog for Canadian 20-somethings to discuss personal finance

My name is Ken and I am a 27-year-old professional living in Toronto.

We, as young Canadians have just weathered our first (and probably not our last) global economic recession. We’ve all seen the impact.  Banks foreclosing on homes, families and businesses going bankrupt, record-breaking national deficits…

Scary stuff.

Consequently, I realized that my personal finances needed a swift kick up to the front-burner of my life. So…kick, I have. And so far I’ve made some headway getting my money prioritized, organized and…stabilized?

The result? Pretty awesome, actually. The details? Read the blog.

I am NOT an accountant or a professional financial consultant. This blog is an account of research and tips that I pick up in my day-to-day. My goal is to get young Canadians LIKE YOU thinking about money-matters while planning for a stable, fulfilling future.

The catch? I want to hear about what YOU’VE got to say. We as a generation want to know what you’ve been doing to meet your own financial goals.

We are “Generation Y”…”Generation Next”…”Echo Boomers”…”Millennials”… Regardless of what we decide to call ourselves, let’s resolve to be a financially savvy generation that establishes a solid foundation for ourselves. Let’s start a debt-obliterating, cash-saving revolution that paves the way for our future so we’re all ready to handle whatever crap the world has to throw at us.

Grab a coffee, settle in and join the network of young Canadians ready to take control. Consider this your Social NetWorth.

Let’s get started.


PLEASE NOTE: This blog is purely for entertainment purposes. I am NOT an accountant or a professional financial advisor. Please approach the aforementioned professionals if you need some serious financial advise.  Follow any tips or advice posted by me or any other blogger with caution.

One Response to “About”
  1. Norm says:

    The first trick for the 20 somethings will be to figure out how to pay off the bebt of your parents and grandparents!

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